I'm Runo Saduwa, crafting software that shapes futures globally.

Ever since a university programming course at 17 sparked my passion, I've been enamored with the transformative power of coding. It's not just about lines of code; it's about opening doors to new possibilities.

Beyond the world of code, my heart beats for family time and the universal language of music—with no favorite genre, any beautiful melody can catch my fancy. Recognizing the health hazards tied to my profession, I've embraced fitness and sports with open arms. Whether it's hitting the gym or swinging rackets at the tennis court, these activities keep me energized and ready to excel in my craft.

My professional journey is marked by discipline and dedication, traits that have propelled me into a senior engineering role at Flutterwave. Here, I develop cutting-edge payment solutions that empower online businesses worldwide. Each project is a step towards excellence, reflecting my commitment to quality and innovation in the tech industry.

Whether coding, tuning into a new playlist, or scoring points on the tennis court, I’m all about bringing passion and precision to everything I do.